SmartMow® - GPS Lawn Mowing Robot

SmartMow gps robot lawn mower in orange
SmartMow robotic lawn mower in warm orange

There is nothing quite like the smell and look of freshly cut grass.

It takes a lot of time to maintain your yard, and professional lawn care services can be expensive!

You could spend several hours each week doing the tedious work yourself, the traditional way.

Alternatively, you may invest in a GPS robotic lawn mower such as SmartMow , a lawn mowing robot that can do this job for you.

The SmartMow robotic lawn mower with GPS utilizes a microcomputer, sensors, advanced algorithms, and timer.

Hence, the product offers you automated and unattended impeccable grass cutting within a predefined lawn area.

SmartMow is the best lawn mowing robot. A battery powers the mower and delivers quiet and smooth operation.

This lawn mowing robot without perimeter wire recharges very quickly. 

Moreover, it provides you with different programmable cutting patterns as well as a programmable timer setting.

With SmartMow, lawn care is a snap!

The SmartMow GPS lawn mowing robot would create a clean virtual boundary.

You can say goodbye to those pesky perimeter wires.

Simple Installation

Do not worry about the installation process.

Installation for the SmartMow robotic lawn mower is as simple as operating a remote control car.

You can set up the SmartMow robot lawnmower on your own using the SmartMow App.

You can also get an experienced and trained SmartMow dealer to install it for you.

Saves Time

As one of the world’s smartest GPS guided lawn mower robots, SmartMow can save your time as it can:

  • Mow both night and day
  • Navigate lawns and gardens of different complexities – even yards that have slopes and obstacles
  • Remain silent and discreet at all times
  • Work safely around children and pets

How Does SmartMow  Work?

The SmartMow GPS robotic lawn mower operates within your boundary with a combination of timers, controls, and real-time sensory feedback.

SmartMow turns in one sweeping forward motion instead of having to reverse itself fully— this is an incredible feature, which lowers overall cut time.

You can program the lawn mowing robot’s seasonal timer with cutting intervals that closely match grass growth rates.

Besides, day and night modes are fully customizable to fit your individual needs.

The SmartMow robotic lawn mower straight line is designed carefully with optimal safety, functionality, and security in mind. 

The mower features independent sensors as well as a patented safety sensor, which detects people and animals and stops the mowing blades instantly.

SmartMow robotic lawn mower with GPS stops blades instantly and moves into a new direction when it senses people or pets too close.

The patented InstaStop™️ safety system makes SmartMow the safest lawn mowing robot in the market.


SmartMow robot lawn mower mowing deck
SmartMow robot lawn mower mowing deck

Professional Grade Lawn Mowing Deck

SmartMow® GPS lawn mowing robots provide you the healthiest lawn. 

This lawn mowing robot features a professional mowing deck and three professionally designed lawnmower blades.

SmartMow’s professional mowing deck has three forty-eight volt brushless motors driving sharpened stainless-steel mowing blades capable of mulching any grass type.

The pure power of SmartMow’s mowing motors and craftmanship of the lawn mowing blades enables this lawn mowing robot to mulch even the most robust grasses. 

SmartMow’s mulching system easily mulches grass types like St. Augustine, Centipede, Bermuda, and Zoyista.

A handle located at the bottom front of the SmartMow allows easy access to clean and sharpen the blades as you would with a traditional lawnmower. 

Safest Robot Mower

While SmartMow robotic lawn mowers are mighty, they are also incredibly safe. 

SmartMow’s patented  InstaStop™️ technology enables SmartMow to detect people and animals quickly, beyond the chassis. 

When SmartMow’s  InstaStop™️ technology detects a person or animal, the lawn mowing blades stop instantly.

SmartMow then moves away and revisits the area later in the mowing operation.

A Quality Robot Lawn Mower

You don’t want to dole out your hard-earned money on a product that is low quality and could breakdown over time.

Instead, you need a product that is sturdy and reliable, which can offer great value for your money.

The SmartMow robotic mower provides the biggest bang for your buck.

SmartMow robotic lawn mowers provide more value for money compared to other lawn mowing robots on the market.  SmartMow robot mowers are manufactured from high-quality parts.

The high-quality materials used in this lawn mowing robot help ensure excellent and stable performance on uneven surfaces.

Other robotic lawn mowers in the market may be lower in cost initially; however, they usually have inferior components such as batteries and motors that tend to wear quickly with time. 

Some units even require consumers to replace their DC motors every year. Or worse, require expensive professional installation drastically increasing the price. Now, who would want that in their lawn mowing robot?!

Can you even imagine the expenses of logistics that you will incur on a 40-pound robotic mower along with replacement motors and battery yearly?

That is just not feasible in the long run.

Keep in mind that the initial price of these products might grab your attention, but you have to look at the bigger picture when you purchase a lawn mowing robot.

How does more time with the family sound?

Imagine all the time you will save when SmartMow mows your yard!  

SmartMow robot mower is all-electric and reduces noise while providing the most effective and ecological method of lawn maintenance.

Lawn Mower Robot Performance

SmartMow robotic mower mows your lawn frequently during a week, keeping your yard looking freshly mowed.

SmartMow’s professional mowing deck creates tiny grass clippings (mulch) that naturally fertilize your yard.

Mulch enhances the overall quality and texture of the grass in your lawn

The SmartMow® robotic lawn mower has a quality custom design, and it uses top quality stainless steel blades.

Usually, when you shop around for robotic lawn mowers, you would see that a majority of the products are cheap and have traditional razor blades.

On the other hand, the SmartMow lawn mower uses proprietary lawn mowing blades.

One of SmartMow’s unique features is you could sharpen and maintain SmartMow’s® robotic lawn mower blades for the entire life of this unit.

A feature you typically don’t find on other lawn mowing robots!

Very Efficient

Powered by a reliable and high-performance lithium-ion battery, SmartMow is self-charging and continuously monitors its battery level.

SmartMow robot mowers have excellent battery capacity and could mow for more than 50 minutes on one charge, depending on the size and complexity of your lawn.

SmartMow returns to the docking station whenever it needs to recharge.

Unlike other robot lawn mowers that travel randomly around the yard, SmartMow’s yard mapping feature allows SmartMow to efficiently mow your yard with less time and energy.



SmartMow® robot lawn mowers are designed to continuously provide you with a beautiful lawn while saving you valuable time and money.

The premium-quality parts and easy to install features save you thousands of dollars when compared to other robot mowers.

And SmartMow’s patented safety features make SmartMow the safest in the industry!