What are Robot Lawn Mowers!

Before you understand the cost of Robot lawn mowers, it is critical to know what robot lawn mowers actually are!

Robot lawn mowers are automated machines that utilize a microcomputer, sensors, GPS tracking and timer to ensure that it cuts grass optimally. It offers you functional and automated option to mow your lawn without lifting a finger – making your life so much easier.

When it comes to robot lawn mowers, the best product in the market right now is SmartMow. This battery fitted mower operates smoothly and silently, ensuring you don’t wake you neighbor up throughout the operation.

The SmartMow® robot lawn mowers are made of the best in quality custom design available in the market today. We have equipped it with the most durable and quality steel blades. This ensures that no matter how thick or strong your grass is it will get the job done!

When it comes to shopping for robot lawn mowers, you will come across several products offered at cheaper rates. But beware, they have subpar parts and have traditional razor blades that are dangerous as well. With SmartMow, you can maintain it just like any conventional lawn mowers by sharpening the blades and ensuring that they last you for years and years.

Why You Need Robot Lawn Mowers!

The only other way for you to manage cutting grass is if you hire a company that specializes in the area, but hiring landscaping professional can set you back a lot more than a robot lawn in the long run. With your very own robot mower like SmartMow, you can get it to cut your grass anytime, without any hassle of hiring people to come to your home.

However, there is another way you can manage this and that s to actually get out there and do the lawn mowing yourself. It is a tedious task so wouldn’t you like to relax on your days off to spend quality time with your friends and family rather than spending hours mowing your lawn? SmartMow operates using GPS so you can get your lawn mowed without being there!

The best thing about our robotic lawn mowers is the fact it does not require a perimeter wire to function. With our state of the art fast charging technology, you can get SmartMow charged and back to work within minutes.

Additionally, it provides you with different programmable cutting patterns as well as a programmable timer setting. Hence, you get top-notch, easy and beautiful lawn care. The SmartMow lawn mower would create a clean virtual boundary. You can say goodbye to those pesky perimeter wires.

Price for Quality and Performance

Nobody wants to spend their hard-earned money on a product that is inferior quality and will break down after just a couple of jobs! You need a lawnmower that is durable and reliable, while also offering great value for money. This is exactly what SmartMow robotic mower is all about – offering the biggest bang for your buck.

With our product, you get the most out of what you pay! We ensure that each and every part used for our SmartMow assembly is of the highest quality. Our quality parts ensure that our product will last a long time when compared to others.

Other robot lawn mowers may seem to cost less but do not let that fool you into buying them! It may seem a good idea for you to spend less money to buy one, but don’t do it! These mowers usually have inferior components in the form of low quality batteries and motors that tend to wear down over time.

Some units even require their owners to change their parts on a yearly basis. You will be spending more money than initially intended when purchasing the robot mower. Imagine how much money will be spent to replace parts in a 40-pound robotic mower. Replacing their motors and batteries on a regular basis will cost you a lot of money in the long run!

In the long run, this is simply not the right choice to make to buy such useless pieces of hardware! Keep in mind that the initial price of these products will grab your attention. However, you have to look at the bigger picture. Compared with a majority of traditional lawn mowers on the market, it cuts grass much more frequently and lasts longer on a single charge.

Be Smart! Get SmartMow Robot Lawn Mowers!

With SmartMow GPS robot lawn mower, you get the mower you deserve for the money you have paid. You get to fully enjoy your yard and outdoor life, even when you are at work or away from home. The SmartMow robot mower is all-electric and reduces noise while providing the most effective and ecological method of lawn maintenance.

SmartMow creates tiny clippings that easily and quickly disperse into your lawn root system, dispersing into your lawn’s root system. These break down quickly to act as natural fertilizer, which enhances the overall quality and look of your lawn.

We have equipped SmartMow with a powerful, high performance battery (lithium-ion) that is reliable, with an added feature of self-charging. This allows the SmartMow to return to the docking station whenever it needs to recharge.


If you have a lawn that needs regular grass cutting then choose SmartMow robot lawn mowers. Instead of choosing inferior ones, you have the chance to get the best and the most reliable one too!

So why not invest in a device like SmartMow that lasts for years! Don’t waste your hard earned money on ones that won’t even last a single year without breaking down!