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Advanced GPS robotic mowers take the stress out of lawn maintenance

Designed using the latest technology in lawn mowing, the SmartMow® robotic lawnmowers make maintaining your lawn a painless experience. Quick and easy to install, SmartMow® lawnmowers will change everything you thought you knew about lawn care and maintenance.

Unlike other robotic lawnmowers on the market, the SmartMow® robotic lawnmowers don’t use buried underground wires to set their perimeter. Instead, these intelligent mowers use GPS to determine exactly where to mow. With traditional robotic lawnmowers, installation can be quite the hassle and would have to be done by a professional. That’s not the case with SmartMow® GPS robotic mowers. All you have to do is download the app, and you can easily set the perimeter of your lawn coordinates into the device. Then, all you have to do is push the button and this little robotic wonder is ready to start cutting your grass to perfection.

An Eco-Friendly GPS Robotic Mower

SmartMow® robotic mowers are designed to be eco-friendly, with fewer carbon emissions than traditional lawnmowers, as well as quiet and easy to use. Once the battery-powered mower is off and running, you can manage it through your app. These intelligent GPS robotic lawnmowers have sensors on them to ensure that they are not mowing over toys or large sticks. When the SmartMow® senses that something is in its path, it will merely reroute and keep on clipping. This ensures that pets and kids stay safe as the SmartMow® is doing its thing.

When SmartMow® is running out of juice, it will head on over to its docking station and start charging. Now only that, but the SmartMow® features incredibly powerful, sharp blades that cut your grass just right, maintaining the effortless beauty of your lawn.

Many people worry about the fact that their lawn has holes, hills, uneven terrain, rocks, and large trees, and they aren’t sure how a robotic lawnmower will deal with these issues. SmartMow® GPS robotic mowers have powerful motors and blades that can handle a lot. Trekking over hills and uneven terrain is a breeze for SmartMow® mowers because they are created to tackle whatever your lawn throws at it. If a surface is too challenging to maneuver, the SmartMow® will sense this and switch directions and keep on mowing. If you have flower beds or a garden, you can be sure that the SmartMow® will stay away.

And SmartMow® isn’t just a genius little robotic mower that saves you time, effort, and money while protecting the environment; it’s also a device from a company that cares. A portion of the proceeds from all SmartMow® GPS robotic mowers goes to help kids who have been harmed in lawn mowing accidents.

Experience the difference the SmartMow® GPS robotic lawnmower can make. Shop the assortment now and find the right SmartMow® for your lawn today!




SmartMow® Smart Connect

Robot Mower for Large Yards.


SmartMow® LTS-100

LTS-100 – 1 acre (up to 1 acre)

1.0 acre
29.8 cm
40 mins

The SmartMow LTS-100®: GPS Robotic Lawn Mower!
Are you looking for a reliable, premium, safe and affordable robotic lawn mower?


SmartMow gps robotic lawn mower

SmartMow® LTS-200

LTS-200 – 2 acre (up to 2 acre)

2.0 acre
29.8 cm
45 mins

The SmartMow LTS-200: A Robot Mower You Can Bank On! Are you looking for a reliable, premium, safe and affordable robot lawn mower?

From $3,900.00 MSRP
SmartMow gps robot lawn mower in orange

SmartMow® LTS-500

LTS-500 – (5 Acre)

5.0 acre
29.8 cm
50 mins

The SmartMow LTS-500: Robot Mower You Can Bank On! Are you looking for a reliable, premium, safe and affordable robot lawn mower for 5 acres of lawn?

From $10,000.00 MSRP
SmartMow gps robotic lawn mower in yellow

SmartMow® LTS-750

LTS-750 – (up to 7.5 acre)

7.5 acre
29.8 cm
60 mins

The SmartMow LTS-750: A Robot Mower You Can Bank On! Are you looking for a reliable, premium, safe and affordable robot lawn mower?



Most frequent questions and answers

What are the benefits of owning SmartMow®?

SmartMow® is the simplest way to get a healthy, eco-friendly, green, beautiful lawn. Easy and fast, this advanced mover enables homeowners and property managers to get the job done quickly and move on to other things.

Is SmartMow® simple to use?

SmartMow® is easy to use and intuitive to figure out. After you’ve set up the GPS for this lawnmower, it cuts your lawn automatically, without any additional input from you. No matter if you are away or you’re at home, your lawn will remain stunning and perfectly cut. Basically, you’ll never have to stress about mowing again. Learn more about how the mower uses GPS to work

I’m not very tech-savvy. Will I be able to use SmartMow®?

Yes, of course! Absolutely anybody can use SmartMow®! This lightweight robot mower is easier to maneuver and weighs less than conventional lawnmowers at just 15 to 30 pounds. Plus, the control panel is very simple and easy to operate. Once in use, the SmartMow® is off and running on its own, without any additional work on your end.

Is SmartMow® loud?

The SmartMow® is not very loud at all, with a noise decibel ranging from 69 dB(A) to as little as 58 dB(A), depending on which model you have. In contrast, the average level of traditional mowers is between 95 and 100 dB(A). This means you can have the mower working on your yard, and you don’t have to worry about causing a disturbance for you or your neighbors.

Is SmartMow® eco-friendly?

Yes! Because SmartMow® is designed to run on batteries, absolutely no emissions are generated. In addition, the amount of energy consumed is very low. Running costs can vary depending on the size of your individual lawn, but this mower costs as little as $10 to around $50 per season of mowing.

How does it affect people with allergies – will all that mowing make my seasonal allergies worse?

Not at all. Actually, if you are dealing with grass allergies or hay fever, SmartMow® is one of the best mowing solutions for you. Because you don’t need to be around when SmartMow® is shaping and maintaining your lawn, you will not be exposed to pollen or allergens. Plus, keeping the grass short ensures that plant allergens cannot become airborne.

How is SmartMow® installed?

Installation and set-up are easy to perform yourself. All you need to do is follow the instructions that are included in the operator’s manual. Depending on the complexity and size of your lawn, set-up can take about 1 to 3 hours. You can also check with your local SmartMow® dealer to see if they offer any installation services. Consult with your local dealer for your options for programming the GPS.

How do I stop and start the mower?

Once you have the SmartMow® system set-up, you’ll first need to turn on the main power switch. Press the START button on the SmartMow® Smartphone Application. To Stop, you simply need to press the STOP button.

Will I need to bury a wire in the ground?

No, SmartMow® mowers use advanced GPS controls and are the only robotic mowers available that do not require a wire or beacon.

What do I do if I forget my SmartMow® PIN code?

Your local SmartMow® dealer will be able to help you access your PIN code.

Where can I purchase SmartMow®?

SmartMow® is available directly from or other select retailers.

Is SmartMow® used by professional lawn services?

Yes, it is! Please visit the SmartMow® for professionals page in order to learn more.

How much does SmartMow® cost?

SmartMow® prices start from $3,400. Check out the Shop SmartMow® page for the latest available models.

Is SmartMow® good for my lawn’s health?

Yes, it is! Because SmartMow® is designed to just cut a little bit of grass on a continuous basis, the resulting clippings are very small and can be recycled back into the soil, essentially as a natural fertilizer. The end result is a lawn the is healthier, fuller, and greener.

What are the benefits of SmartMow® mowing grass in different directions?

By mowing grass in differing patterns, SmartMow® provides an even, smooth look to the lawn. This is the most reliable way to ensure the whole yard is covered, and no grass is left uncut.

What’s the maximum mowing area that SmartMows® are able to handle?

SmartMow® is able to mow lawns up to 7.5 acres, depending on the model and the yard’s complexity.

Can SmartMow® handle a variety of lawn shapes and sizes?

Yes, it can. If you are able to mow a lawn with a standard mower, SmartMow® will be able to mow it, too. During the set-up process, you or the professional technician will program areas the mower should avoid, such as flowerbeds, water features, and bushes.

Will SmartMow® work on my lawn if it is uneven?

Thanks to its advanced driving wheels, SmartMow® works well on uneven ground and varying degrees of slopes. Unlike traditional mowers, SmartMow® does not scalp hills. To help SmartMow® complete its job, you should try to fill any gaps or holes in the yard before you begin using the mower.

Does SmartMow® still work even in small, tight places?

Yes, it does. Depending on the model and type, SmartMow® can handle narrow passages.

Will it still be necessary for me to have a traditional mower?

Nope, you won’t need it anymore! However, we do recommend you complement your SmartMow® with an edger or trimmer for the cleanest finish possible.

Can SmartMow® detect objects in the yard, like toys?

SmartMow® will not be able to detect small objects, so it’s up to you to keep your lawn clutter-free to avoid damage to your belongings or the blades on your SmartMow®.

What about pine cones or fallen fruit on the ground?

In order to preserve and maximize the life of SmartMow®’s blades, you should rake your yard and collect things like pine cones and crab apples prior to using SmartMow®. They will not damage the mower, but the blades will be worn down faster.

Will SmartMow® harm my vegetable garden or flower beds?

Not at all! After the GPS is set-up correctly around your flower beds, garden, tree, shrub or water features, SmartMow® will not go into that area.

Does SmartMow® mow grass that is very long?

SmartMow® mows regularly, ensuring that the grass blades do not grow too long. If you have long and thick grass, start with a raised cutting height, and then gradually reduce to the level you prefer. In extreme situations, such as an overgrown area that is very tall, grass should be cut by a traditional mower or tractor before SmartMow® takes over.

Will SmartMow® cut grass in the rain?

Yes, SmartMow® is designed to operate in weather that is rainy and wet.  SmartMow®’s docking station has a garage cover for heavy rains.  However, we do recommend that you bring the mower inside when weather conditions are extreme.

Will SmartMow® cut grass when conditions are very hot?

SmartMow® is designed to function in even the hottest temperatures. The SmartMow® may charge in shorter periods if the weather is extra hot.

Can I use SmartMow® in a small yard?

Yes, you definitely can. You will be able to adjust SmartMow®’s mowing time to suit your yard size using the set-up functions.

My lawn has a lot of moss. Will that affect how SmartMow® works?

SmartMow®’s continuous mowing is excellent for grass growth, leading to the gradual disappearance of moss from your lawn.

Is it safe for kids to play on the lawn when SmartMow® is working?

SmartMow® is designed with patented safety features that cause the blade to stop instantly if the mower is in proximity to people or pets. Also, SmartMow® will stop and turn around if it senses an obstacle.

SmartMow® has been designed so that there is a wide distance between the outer body and the blade, which will prevent hands or feet from reaching the blades accidentally. In order to guarantee safety, however, we recommend turning off the mower when small children are out playing on the lawn. Even though SmartMow® operates at a low power, the cutting blade could still nick a body part it comes into contact with.

Is SmartMow® dangerous to cats and dogs?

No, this lawnmower is pet safe. Pets generally leave SmartMow® alone. This robotic mower is equipped with sensors, ensuring that when it runs close to a pet, the blades will stop, the unit will reverse direction and select another path. If SmartMow® does collide with a pet, the contact is light and will most likely not cause any harm.

Where can I get service and spare parts for SmartMow®?

You can obtain service for your SmartMow® at your nearest dealer or by contacting our customer service line.

What’s the lifetime of SmartMow®’s battery?

That depends on the mowing schedule and size of the mowing area. For instance, if you run SmartMow® six months per year on an area that’s 8,600 square feet, your battery will last between five and seven years. In order to save your battery, adjust the timer to your lawn size and the season of the year.

What’s the lifetime of SmartMow®’s blades?

The lifespan of SmartMow®’s blades depend on a number of factors, including the type of lawn and the climate the mower is used in. The lifespan can vary widely but is typically over 2 years for a 0.25-acre mowing area. The heavy duty stainless steel blades are able to be resharpened with a standard sharpening tools in just a few minutes.

Do I need to store SmartMow® inside during cold wintry weather?

You really only need to store SmartMow® inside if you do not need to mow during the cold winter months. The best time to put the mower away is once the grass is not growing anymore, but you’ll want to bring SmartMow® inside before any ice or snow is present. Clean and dry the unit before putting SmartMow® away for the winter. You should always store the mower in a dry, frost-free location. Plus, we kindly recommend the charging station be stored indoors as well.

How do I keep my SmartMow® in the best condition possible?

SmartMow® is a very low-maintenance mower, with very little upkeep, but replacing the blades on a regular basis is important to ensure the best results. Depending on the size of your lawn, you may want to clean the grass from the wheels and chassis, as well.

What are the benefits of a GPS System to define the cutting area?

SmartMow®’s advanced GPS system is a dependable and effective system, ensuring the mower remains efficient in all conditions. It’s amazingly easy to set boundaries using the GPS coordinates and define your cutting area.

How else does SmartMow®’s GPS system come in handy?

SmartMow® models with on-board GPS aren’t just for assisting with navigation. These mowers are equipped with a GPS communication device to aid in retrieval of the mower in the event of theft. For GPS-equipped models, SmartMow®’s owner can communicate with the mower via Smartphone app or the online Portal.

What is the SmartMow® App?

The SmartMow® App gives you full control of your SmartMow® right from your smartphone. The app lets you start, stop or park your SmartMow® robotic lawnmower, as well as check and adjust its settings. Plus, you’ll be able to receive alarms and track the position of your mower in the event of theft.

Does every SmartMow® come with access to the SmartMow® App?

Yes, the SmartMow® App is available on all GPS-equipped models.

Will I have to pay extra for access to the SmartMow® App?

Access to the App is included with all SmartMow® Mowers at no additional charge.

What’s the monthly data consumption on SmartMow®’sWifi ?

The SmartMow® App and unit uses about 25 MB per month when it is being used.

I cannot remember my password for the app login. What can I do?

Use the reset password function at the SmartMow® app login screen, or contact our super friendly customer support team.

How do I update my password for the SmartMow® app login?

You can change it on the Account settings menu in the app.

Can I change the email address that I use for login into the SmartMow® App?

You will have to create a new account in order to use a new email address. All SmartMow® units are required to be paired again to the brand new account.

Can I update or change the mower PIN code when I am using the SmartMow® app?

Yes, the SmartMow® PIN code and other security settings are  able to be changed from the app.

What exactly does the “unpair mower” command do in the SmartMow®  app?

This function is designed to remove the pairing between your account and your SmartMow®. All other accounts that are paired to the mower will still retain access.

If I want to remove the pairing for all accounts, how do I do this?

You can remove the pairing for all accounts via the mower menu.

Why does my SmartMow® stop for a few seconds after changing a setting from the app?

This is absolutely normal behavior for the SmartMow® unit. It’s just making adjustments to the new settings.

Will SmartMow® work with the smart home system in my home?

Yes! SmartMow® is now compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Home and IFTTT, which enables it to fit seamlessly into your already set-up smart home system.

Which SmartMows® are compatible?

All SmartMows® will be able to connect to your smart home system.

Are there any benefits in connecting to SmartMow® via a smart home system?

SmartMow® is designed to be as convenient as possible, so smart home integration is a very logical next step. Examples of instructions that you might want to give to your SmartMow® include:

  • Pausing your SmartMow® while your kids are playing in the yard.
  • Instructing your SmartMow® to mow for a certain number of hours.
  • Asking SmartMow® what it is doing.

…and so much more! We’re working hard to improving SmartMow’s® abilities on a continuous basis, so you’ll have a lot of options in the future for controlling this unique mower.



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