Ah, mowing the lawn; it’s the ultimate chore that parents leave to the kids and until a couple of years ago, it was the only way for youngsters to make a few dollars over the summer. As kids, many of us were entrusted by our parents to mow the lawn for a few bucks or a trip to the local theme park, and at the time it was well worth it. However, things are much different now.

There are various other ways for children to earn a weekly allowance than spending hours trying to mow the lawn in straight lines. In an era when technology has made things convenient and our children far more glued to various screens, most parents would disagree with not letting their kids mow the lawn. Nonetheless, there are a few reasons why you’ll think it’s a rather viable argument.

Numerous Cases of Injuries due to Lawn Mowers

Almost 5,000 children suffer from lawn mower-related injuries every year and out of those, of which numerous children face life-threatening injuries that lead to death or disability. Although this statistic is mainly because of a lack of proper care and guidance while mowing the lawn, it’s also because kids aren’t as serious about doing the job safely.

Most commonly, children suffer from cuts to their fingers or hands by accidentally touching the blade. Kids, especially adolescents, are less careful when mowing the lawn and tend to forget to pick up stones and sticks that are lying around the yard. Traditional gas or electricity-powered mowers can pick these fallen items and project them in the child’s direction, which causes cuts near the face, bruises, and even eye injuries.

Also, there are chances of younger siblings being near the lawn mower while it’s being used, which can cause burns to children who are below five years of age. Research shows that people standing near the lawn or passing by are four times more likely to sustain injuries from a mower than the person who is operating it.

Lawn mowing-related injuries are a major reason why some children require very traumatic medical experiences like amputations. Although these injuries are preventable with proper guidance and measures, it’s far better to keep your kids indoors while the SmartMow takes care of lawn mowing needs.

You’re not saving Money

It’s time you start making some calculations because if you think that making your child mow the lawn saves moves money, you’re wrong. Electric or gas lawn mowers can cost you a lot of money in maintenance, repairs and running costs than a robotic lawnmower. Not to mention, children tend to take more time mowing the lawn compared to adults, which increases operating costs.

Using a traditional lawn lower can cost you a lot when you’re trying to mow the lawn at least once a week to keep hedges neat.  You’ll be paying almost 2 dollars to mow your half-acre lawn every week. This can rack up an even higher overall cost if you let the grass grow for too long before finally trimming it. It takes more than just one run to bring your overgrown grass down to the desirable 3-inch height that looks crisp and green.

Teenagers Can Pull Pranks

I don’t want to be the one to break it to you, but teenagers pull pranks at every chance they get, which involves the use of lawn mowers. Whether they’re mowing strange shapes in the lawn or pulling a dangerous stunt to go viral, you should be worried if you told a teenager to look after your lawn. While these pranks don’t end up in anything but a few laughs, the damage done to your lawn is irreversible for a long time.

Only Suitable in Dry Weather

Considering how it’s unbelievably risky to operate a traditional lawn mower in humid and moist weather, you’ll probably stick to the safe side and use it in dry weather only. However, you can usually expect dry weather during the afternoon, when it gets unbelievably hot. It’s dangerous to be out in this weather, let alone your children, who can get dehydrated or face symptoms of heatstroke.

It’s much better to rely on a robot mower to take care of the job for you. It can trim the grass without any need for help or direction. They’ll get the job done by recharging and getting back to the task, which means that your kids won’t have to spend long hours in the sun.

The SmartMow® is suitable for moist, humid, and dry weather, and you it operates in the dark as well, which saves an awful lot of time.

Dangerous for Pets

It’s very likely that your pets and kids are best friends, so wherever your child goes, their pet follows. This can be extremely dangerous because children can rarely operate a regular lawn mower as fast as an adult can and pets can get seriously injured.

There are various cases of family pets getting badly injured in lawn mower accidents, which can have a terrible effect on the children themselves. It’s far safer if your children stay inside with the pets to keep them from coming out while the grass is trimmed.

Raking Duty Takes Too Much Time

If you’ve ever asked your kids to take care of raking duty, you know how much of a hassle it can be, considering that they play with the clippings and leaves for hours before finally piling them up and throwing them away. With a robotic lawnmower, you won’t have to worry about designating the task to anyone, because there won’t be any clippings to take care of.

The SmartMow® trims grass by cutting off tiny parts of grass, which reduces the need for raking them up. You can just leave it to mulch in the soil. This helps in feeling your lawn so you don’t need to use fertilizer as often.

So what are you waiting for? All these important details are crucial to remember how a SmartMow® Robotic Lawnmower is beneficial compared to a real one.

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