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SmartMow® Robot Mower Production Parts

SmartMow® Lawn Mower Production Parts

Last year’s,  SmartMow® robot mower beta models were a great success, and we’d like to thank you again for testing them!

Now that we have found the right manufacturer we are in full swing production of our ultra safe, super capable, and easy to use SmartMow  robot mowers!

Here are some pictures of the tooling being made for the plastic parts:

SmartMow® Robot Mower Chassis

SmartMow® robot lawn mower bottom chassis Aluminum tooling

The SmartMow® robot mower bottom chassis features a handle in the front, a professional grade mower deck, and a design where the blades never protrude outside of the chassis; for added safety of course.


SmartMow® robot lawn mower top chassis Aluminum tooling for plastic parts.

The SmartMow® robot mower top chassis features the top cover, branding, and water resistance.

SmartMow® Robot Mower Docking Station

Side View of SmartMow robot lawn mower docking station.

The SmartMow® robot mower’s docking station include a top cover to protect SmartMow from harmful UV rays and inclement weather when SmartMow is not working.  The docking station also features the recharging capability for the SmartMow.  The enclosure also protects people form exposure to the charging contacts.

SmartMow® robot lawn mower landing pad for SmartMow docking station

The SmartMow robot mower landing pad is the level surface that SmartMow will use to rest and recharge when it’s not in use.

So…. Today’s SmartMow® robot mower update conclusion.

SmartMow® robot mower parts are in production.  The above images of SmartMow tooling show you more clearly what SmartMow will look like and some more of the mechanical features.

SmartMow® robot lawn mowers are designed from the ground up for safety.  How Safe?  Read our article on Robot Lawn Mower Safety here!

SmartMow® robot lawn mowers are made only from premium parts.  How long will they last?  Read our article on Robot Lawn Mower Price here!

How easy are they to install on your own without perimeter wires?  Super easy!! You can do it yourself!!

Capabilities?  We have versions capable of up to 1 acre and up to 2 acre versions.

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