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No More Complications with Robot Mowers

The thing that many people hate about buying a new robotic mower is the complicated installation process. The idea of an effortless, gracefully maintained lawn or garden is great. However, still you need to spend your entire afternoon carefully positioning your perimeter wire around the lawn or garden. Professional wire installation can add thousands of dollars to the price of the robotic mower. This is something that you were not expecting. Is there a better and simpler way?

SmartMow: GPS Robotic Lawn Mower without perimeter wire

If you want to get rid of those pesky perimeter wires, SmartMow GPS Robot Lawn Mowers is your answer. It is the only gps robotic lawn mower on the market that works without a perimeter wire. SmartMow GPS Robotic Mowers can accurately navigate your lawn or garden. They can identify the edge of the grass without any type of guide.

Although other robotic lawn mowers with perimeter wires may seem attractive due to their low price, they are actually not reliable. Do note that installation alone can cost thousands of dollars. Moreover, they pose various safety risks. On the other hand, SmartMow GPS Robotic Lawn Mowers are one of the safest, easiest to use, and reliable robotic lawn mowers available. The mower can cut blades of all sizes efficiently without posing a safety risk to pets and children.

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Perimeter Wires Are Dangerous

Do you know that globally, 80,000 kids per year sustain lawn mower injuries due to unsafe lawn mowers? It’s not the wire that is unsafe… it’s the robot mower! They don’t have the safety features that SmartMow GPS Robot Mowers have. Hence, it can wander into the neighbor’s yard!

The tensile strength of a brand-new perimeter wire is quite different to an older wire. Perimeter wires are often subject to harmful conditions. Hence, over time, the metal conductor on the wire deteriorates.

Why Perimeter Wires Break

Keep in mind that in case of excessive corrosion, the perimeter wire can break easily. Even limited stretching force can cause damage. Corrosion can cause the wire to break, even at low pressures and temperature. In that case, you have to spend extra to reinstall the wire. Companies that make robot lawn mowers with perimeter wires keep their products affordable. The reason is that the cost of the robot lawn mower does not include the cost of installation.

In case the perimeter wire breaks, you can either install the wire yourself, or hire a professional contractor to do it for you. Note that you will have to spend a lot each time that happens. So, you have to ask yourself if you are really willing to live with all that hassle.

Moreover, temperature and other conditions change with time. Cold, heat, wetness, dryness, digging, rodents chewing wires, splices, and nicks all pose a threat to you and your family. Everything is possible if you have sufficient time.

It is also worth mentioning that an intrusive yard or lawn job (such as aeration, sprinkler system installation, cable TV lines, as well as outdoor lighting) can easily cut cleanly through the perimeter wire. This often leads to nicking or skinning the wire, which can be dangerous. The decomposition of the earth and other aspects of various biological processes cause the grass roots to grow thicker as well as denser.

The Time Factor

Eventually, the thickness of the new soil will cover your perimeter wire. As a result, the signal your robot lawn mower needs to read will no longer be able to penetrate the earth. This issue can disrupt the mower – causing it to malfunction. Once it loses the signal, the robot lawn mower will not be able to sense the perimeter wire any longer.

Moreover, since your perimeter wire is still intact, your robot lawn mower will think the wire is actually working. As a result, the lawn mower will go on its merry way. Hence, it may go out into your neighbor’s yard.

However, your homeowner’s insurance may cover a stolen robot lawn mower – and this is all fine and dandy. But we are pretty sure that it will not cover any accidents. This can happen if your robotic lawn mower hurts your neighbor’s kids or pets with its blades. This is especially true if it doesn’t have a safety system like the one on the SmartMow Robot Mowers.

These are some of the key reasons why robot lawn mowers with perimeter wires are dangerous. Although they may be cheaper, you really have to ask yourself: will you give up on a quality product that is safe and easy? Or choose another dangerous product just because it is cheap? We urge you to choose SmartMow!

Let SmartMow GPS Robot Mowers Handle It

The SmartMow Robot Mowers GPS robotic lawn mower operates within your boundary with a combination of timers, controls, and real-time sensory feedback. SmartMow’s swift turn mechanism enables the unit to easily change direction in one sweeping forward motion. Instead of having to fully reverse itself, it simply changes direction instantly. This incredible feature lowers overall cut time.

SmartMow Robot Mowers are the only robot mower on the market that operates without perimeter wires or ugly beacons.

And you do not need a neat and rectangular plot of land to use SmartMow. It can easily cope with strangely shaped gardens, obstacles and slopes including flower beds and even trampolines. The best part, it does all this without a perimeter wire.

You can program the mower’s seasonal timer with cutting intervals that closely match the rate of grass growth. In addition, day and night modes are fully customizable to fit your individual needs.

The SmartMow Robot Mowers straight line offers optimal safety, functionality, and security in mind. The mower features independent sensors as well as a floating cover, which detects solid contacts between the mower and any obstacle.

Value for Your Money

The SmartMow GPS Robot Mowers provide more value for money compared to other lawn mowers on the market. This is because SmartMow GPS Robot Mowers comprise of high quality parts. The high-quality materials used in this mower help ensure excellent and stable performance on uneven surfaces.

This quiet and elegant robotic mower would work away as you relax. You no longer have to tolerate the chugging sound of a gas engine in your garden/lawn. All that noise can really disturb you and your neighbors too. With SmartMow, you can sit back, relax and enjoy your activities knowing that when you are ready to step outside, you would have a perfectly cut and smooth lawn.

In case of sensor activation, the SmartMow Robot Mowers stops (for example when it comes in contact with a human or a pet), turns, and moves ahead in a different direction from the initial point of contact.

Get Your Very Own Robot Mower Today!

So, keep your family, and neighbors, safe by choosing a reliable and high quality product that will last you for years. Get your SmartMow Robot Mowers now by giving us a call or ordering online! We will have one (or more!) shipped your way within hours of placing your order!

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