Robot Lawn Mower Safety

This article compares the difference of robot lawn mower safety between the SmartMow and other robot lawn mowers.


How Other Robot Lawn Mowers Work

Most of the robot lawn mowers available in the market operate by randomly moving inside an enclosed area and they usually bump into obstacles. It’s a common fact that most of the robot lawn mower blades tend to rotate at more than 3,000 RPM, meaning they are unsafe upon contact. And even traditional robot mowers, which are not smart-powered, will not stop themselves until they detect a blade anomaly. Until the blades touch you, they won’t power off. But at that point, it’s too late….the damage has been done or has already started. And you, your dog, and your kids are all potential targets. Why not prevent this altogether, with prior motion detection?


Why Other Robot Lawn Mowers Are Unsafe!

Now, you have read the above paragraph, and you know how dangerous it could be to work with those robot lawn mowers. First of all, to the robot, you are an obstacle! Yes, you, your dog, your kids – all of them are obstacles.

Secondly, the robot with multiple spinning lawn mower blades rotating at over 3,000 rpm, has to touch you, and even then the blades won’t turn off. We’re sure you don’t want this around your or your kids’ feet!

Don’t believe robot lawn mower injuries happen? Take a look here:

There are many more stories!

When it comes to achieving continually ideal innovation for the latest technologies made to engage our senses, keep us “wowed” and ultimately make our lives easier, SmartMow robot lawn mowers are certainly a great start: They are often more affordable than, or equally affordable to, many high-end traditional lawn mowers and even other robot lawn mowers though they still offer LOADS of greater ROI value.


SmartMow – Safer Than the Others

SmartMow robot lawn mower safety is our main focus in the product.  The SmartMow robot lawn mower safety sensor has more capability than all others as it can detect  people, animals from within 6 inches away, ensuring their blades come to a full stop upon detection. Furthermore, the safety systems are fully patented, and inbuilt batteries can last up to three years! Its powerful mulching system will not even hurt a fly, and that’s a promise.

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