Smartmow 2™

SmartMow 2 Red™
April 30, 2014

If you are looking for a reliable, easy-to-maintain, high-quality automatic lawn mower, the SmartMow™ 2 is a perfect match. It encapsulates the word “reliability”, as it best describes this robot mower model. It has a patented safety technology and you don’t have to replace the battery, until after 3 years of first use. Its motor can also last more than a decade. Designed for yards up to 8094m² (2 Acres), Smart mow’s Mulching High Lift Blades trims your entire lawn, automatically and quietly.It has a Patented Virtual Boundary feature which enables it roam a fixed perimeter without employing any physical boundary. Smartmow™ is nothing short of “intelligent” with its efficient navigation system. In summary, it has really interesting features that gives excellent value for money!


Recommended Lawn Size Up to 8094 m² (2 Acre)Max Lawn Size 8094 m²
Cutting Width 29.8 cm ( approx 12 inches)
Warranty 2 Years
Battery Capacity 7ah
Average work time 00-60 mins
Size 43.6 X 55.6 X 21.8 cm (17 x 21 x 12 inches)
Weight 18Kg (40 lbs)
Color Yellow
Patented Saftey System Yes
Patented Virtual Boundary System Yes
Premium Tires Yes
Premium Brushless Motors Yes
SmartMow App Yes
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