How does the SmartMow robot lawn mower Work?

First, Remove SmartMow from the box and remove the contents.

Next, Place SmartMow’s Docking Station outside on level ground, near power, wifi signal, and not prone to flooding.

Then, Use the SmartMow remote (smartphone app) to connect SmartMow to your home’s Wifi connection.

Register your SmartMow on the SmartMow portal for real-time updates for SmartMow’s progress and state of health.  You may also configure different patterns for SmartMow to mow, as well as set the mowing schedule.

Once SmartMow is registered, SmartMow alerts you when the battery is fully charged.

Then, Use SmartMow’s remote control to drive SmartMow around the boundary of your yard to define the mowing area.  You may break the mowing area into multiple mowing zones.

SmartMow’s patented control system uses Real Time Kinetic (RTK) Global Positioning System (GPS) to create a virtual boundary of your yard. 

Finally, SmartMow will ensure the battery is fully charged before initiating the mowing operation.  SmartMow’s machine learning algorithms calibrates SmartMow to your yard’s environment.

How does SmartMow’s safety system work?

SmartMow’s patented safety system extends a capacitance field outside of the chassis of SmartMow to detect people and animals.  SmartMow detects abnormal readings in the capacitance field and turns off the blades – instantly.