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 Save 80% of Lawn Care Costs using SmartMow.

We're Not Kidding.

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We have ZERO emissions. You will save 100% of the fuel you used to purchase.

SmartMow has Zero emissions due to it's environmentally safe battery technology. You will save 100% of the fuel you needed to purchase for your traditional lawn mower.  The SmartMow Robotic Lawn Mower has a patented navigation system that requires no boundary wire or markers.  SmartMow also has a patentend Saftey System.
 What does this mean for you? Let’s do some quick math. . .

Patented Navigation

< 1 Hr 

Setup Time

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Patented Saftey

40,000 Kids

Per Year can be saved from injuries with our technology  

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Zero Fuel

Batteries Only

No more gas to purchase.

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Big Potential


Goes to You 

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SmartMow is an excellent lawn mower for any one or company looking to  significantly reduce their lawn care costs and decrease carbon emissions. And because of how relatively simple SmartMow is to setup, you can focus on other tasks and not have to install a painstaking wire, or other unsigtly beacons.

Mike Letsky

Inventor of SmartMow

How Does It Work


Simply drive SmartMow around the perimiter of your yard.

SmartMow's patented navigation system will develop a virtual boundary using highly accurate GPS and other sensors.



Exclude Areas & Obstacles.

While SmartMow will actively avoid obstacles, we've added the ability for you to manually exclude certain areas.  Don't Worry,  we’ve included loads of tutorials and support materials to help you along the way.



Register your SmartMow

Once you've setup SmartMow you can Register SmartMow on the new SmartMow website to access special features included in our patent pending web interface.


Want A SmartMow?

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