About Us


About Smart Mow

Designed and manufactured by FutureGenRobotics LLC, a company with several other patents products, Smart Mow stands out for it cutting-edge technology, high level performance, modern design and user-friendly features. Smart Mow was created with an ultimate aim to make your lawn perfect and managed in the safest way possible. We plunged into this technology to meet the needs of tech savvy individuals and families who wouldn’t want to waste time and effort maintaining their lawns. From your purchases, we give out 10% of our profits to Shriners Hospital.

Systematic Approach

The future is here already. Robotic Lawn mowers are finally here and set to stay. Our approach is simple; we critically assess the current market demands and produce sophisticated yet eco-friendly machines to streamline arduous tasks.

Meet the Team

At Smart Mow, we pride ourselves on a team of qualified and certified engineers who have garnered over 40 years of experience combined, making patent products. Meet the brain behind successful operations of Smart Mow - Michael Letsky.

Michael is the inventor of Smartmow and team leader of the engineers behind the product. His guiding philosophy is to do things right on time, but in a smarter and more efficient manner.


Mike Letsky

Co-Founder & SmartMow Inventor

Mike has invented and patented the SmartMow technology and developed robots for over 15 years while holding engineering degrees in Aerospace, Systems & Robotics.

We Make Gardening Smart

We have established ourselves as a premier leader in the industry that offers unmatched, tireless and efficient gardeners that cuts grass automatically and autonomously.